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Oxyleads is a lead generation and digital prospecting platform that gives you access to the most accurate B2B data about companies and people.
Used by sales, marketing, HR and other business professionals, Oxyleads allows you to find almost anyone’s business contacts in seconds..


Oxyleads Prospector

Find companies and people based on the industry, revenue, and other helpful keywords. Gather high-quality business leads or data about your competitors, identify appropriate decision makers, and create customized contact lists. It’s free to sign up, give it a try.

Chrome extension

Get business information about any company just by visiting their website. Generate business leads and data about a company, including a list of web-based technologies the company uses. Build lead lists directly in the extension and instantly get anyone’s business email address.

Working Data Set 3TB

Working Data Set

Countries 196


Decision Makers 330M

Decision Makers

Companies 8M



“Oxyleads popped up in my google searches while I was trying to find contact details for the GM of a company. Within minutes it had gotten me the details of the person I was looking for, as well as others who proved far more valuable!”

– Madeleine P.

“Got a few positive responses from a few leads – meaning lead data quality was good. Saved time too because the email addresses in the OxyLeads database were mostly official email IDs as opposed to personal ones.”

– Balasree V.

“I like that the chrome extensions detected the company site and came up with a list of results almost immediately. It was also fairly intuitive and easy to use.”

– Miriam L.

“They have valid leads to reach out to anyone you might need. I'm being able to reach prospects through Oxyleads which is helping my business more famous.”

– Luther S.

“I found large variety of companies and leads using this tool from various countries. E-mail address quality is amazing with bounce rates less than 5%.”

– Justin B.


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$0 /mo.
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Save $90.00 a quarter
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  • Custom email credit limit
  • Unlimited prospecting searches
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