At Oxyleads, we all come to work every day because we want to solve one of the biggest problem in lead generation – the lack of up-to-date business contacts.

We understand that lead generation can be a bottleneck for the business. The ability to generate sufficient quality leads in a reasonable amount of time is crucial to the business success. That’s why we believe that selecting the best technology (with an added human touch) will make sure that no business will ever need another source for lead generation.

Why we do what we do

Our mission at Oxyleads is to help sales, marketing, HR and other business professionals achieve their goals by providing the most accurate business contact data.


Oxyleads was founded in 2015. Our founders, both seasoned sales managers, realized that they are spending hours trying to find information about potential clients. They couldn’t seem to find enough business contacts or gather enough company data in a reasonable amount of time using standard methods.

They realized that other companies must face the same challenge and learned the problem was pervasive. It turns out, virtually every company needs a steady source of business data. So, the Oxyleads founders put together a development team to create a new business data solution.

Today, our business contact database draws information from more than 35 different sources. Our solution provides B2B data that includes more than 330 million decision makers correlated with more than 2,000 different criteria. Moreover, this vast amount of data is easily accessible and can be customized to fit unique business needs.

With Oxyleads you can save time and reach your most valuable prospects today.

Working Data Set 3TB

Working Data Set

Countries 196


Decision Makers 330M

Decision Makers

Companies 8M


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