Oxyleads API

Data on companies and people that can be easily integrated into your app or website


Why Should You Use Oxyleads API?

If you’re building a product that requires prospecting features, or if you need to generate leads on a large scale, then Oxyleads API is the way to go. By using our vast database, you can enrich or append your CRM, HR tool or enterprise database.


330M Business Contacts

Oxyleads API can return business email addresses of more than 330M people from 80 different industries. Additional parameters such as name, position title, and industry are also available. 

Data on 8M Companies

With our API, you can enrich your application with business data on more than 8M companies. API returns company information such as industry, country, size, type or revenue for a requested website domain or in bulk.

Data on 8M Companies

Website Technologies

Oxyleads API can return data on web technologies used by companies. We have data on the usage of more than 2400 web technologies.

Regularly Updated

Oxyleads API is backed by multiple sources, and we keep our data accurate by updating at least 10% of our database every month.


How Does It Work? 

API enables you to access Oxyleads data on companies and people using our REST API. You can use all the functionality available in Oxyleads Prospector via our API and thus integrate data we have into your internal systems, or create white label solutions. 
You can find all the technical documentation here.


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