Top B2B Sales Tools of 2018

Not everyone can be a sales professional, as not everyone can push through and move on from a rejection, not everyone knows when to talk – and when to shut up. You need to have drive and passion in this line of work. Basically what we are trying to say is – it is hard.

But the good thing is we live in 2018, meaning we have tools for basically anything these days and sales tools are no exception. Don’t make your life more difficult than it is, and check out these tools we put together for sales professionals.

We consider them to be the top tools of 2018 but take note that the list has no particular order except for alphabetical and is not ranked best to worst. All of these tools have pros and cons and the best way to know if it works for you is to just try it out.

Account-based Sales


This tool will help you organize all the contact information you have from your phone, email, social media accounts etc. It also helps you discover new contacts, updates your current contact data and can also be integrated into your CRM.


Has a nifty extension that connects with your Gmail account. It looks for profiles that match people you receive an email from.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This tool helps you find new leads and build relationships with prospects. It also helps you find referrals, so you’ll be more confident while approaching new contacts.


Outreach helps you track, analyze and automate your email and voice messages sent to your customers. If you integrate Outreach into your CRM, you won’t have to manually log your messaging activities and outcomes.

Top B2B Sales Tools of 2018



6sense adds a data-driven layer to your sales cycle, unlocking and prioritizing new prospects across your pipeline. 6sense also has a predictive intelligence to accurately forecast your customers’ purchasing behavior in a specific context.


Domo puts all of a business’s data to work for employees throughout the company. Customize Domo to deliver easy-to-understand data visualizations, enhance collaboration across the entire organization, discover new opportunities, or provide data-driven intelligence for making faster and smarter decisions.


With Sisense, you will have a full-stack business intelligence platform that can gather and process all of your data scattered across multiple sources and quickly build decision-quality reports. Easy to use and deploy, use it to keep your people up-to-date on data that can help them close bigger deals faster.


Tableau is easy to deploy, customize, learn and use. Many users depend on its lightning-fast turn-around time for reports generation and data visualizations. Use Tableau to pull and merge data from various sources in creating complex but insightful statistical analyses.

Customer Relationship Managment (CRM) Systems

This CRM has its own built-in calling, emailing and text messaging. Has a thorough search and filter functions, reporting features and a powerful API, making it easy to connect with others apps.

Hubspot CRM

Has a broad set of tools both for sales and marketing, in-built chat letting you talk to your clients from within the app and in general is very neat and tidy.


You can try it for free, is on the affordable side especially if you are an entrepreneur or manage a small team. The price and a decent set of features make it a great tool.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Is available on the cloud, on-premises or both. Integrates well other Microsoft apps such as Outlook, Office 365, SharePoint, and One drive


It has enterprise resource planning (ERP), accounting and CRM functionalities. NetSuite enables managers to extract data-driven insights for strategy formulation while equipping sales teams with tools. Good for those who want to have everything in one place.


As the name suggests, this tool helps you visualize your pipeline and shows you which activities you need to perform to move leads and get more deals closed. Great for smaller teams.


It’ll track any Google-based sales professional’s efforts across email, calendar, and phone, and share interaction clients have had with emails, websites, or when they’ve called back.


One of the bigger players of CRMs, it has a massive range of functionalities, very customizable and supports collaboration. It also integrates well with other apps and has an amazing dashboard.

Email Outreach


Drift connects email to real-time messaging on your website so you can give everyone who clicks a personalized message. It also has a dashboard that shows you how many conversations each email has started, how many bookings came from each email and how much revenue each email has generated.


With Intercom, you can create live segments and target the right people for messages based on their behaviors, view message performance and test against variants and control groups to improve results. You can also connect Intercom with other tools like Salesforce, Segment etc.


With Mailchimp, you can create unique campaigns through socials ads and email, automate your work, and connect your existing tools to it.


This is a great platform for marketing, sales development, closing and success teams. It provides insights and intelligence to optimize customer engagement.


Helps you customize your emails, create automated emails that send and follow up to your customers, and integrates well with other tools.

Top B2B Sales Tools of 2018

Inside Communication


A well-known tool that’s been around for a while. Whether for messaging or calls, it’s a tool that has experience in this field.


A popular choice for bigger companies. You can integrate tools into slack, personalize it, use it for calls, chats etc.

Prospecting Leadgen List Creation


Datanyze generates technographics that help assess a prospect’s likelihood of buying your product at a specific time window based on its prior purchasing/subscription behavior. You can have it crawl a prospect’s website to detect the technologies, software, and platforms the prospect uses.


DealSignal automatically generates a list of prospects, leads and relevant intel on demand so you can focus on closing deals and doing your thing.


Hunter lets you find email addresses and connect with the people that matter for your business. It also verifies emails that you have, but need to make sure are real. It is a very powerful email finding tool with an extensive email list.


If you enjoy hunter, you will like Oxyleads. It has a large database of emails and a big variety of filters, making it easy to find the right people. It also has an extension tool for your browser, so whenever you visit a website with potential clients, you’ll be given a list of people who work there and have the chance to get their emails on the spot.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


Ahrefs enables businesses to ramp up search-driven traffic, provide intel about key competitors, monitor trends in your niche, and glean insight on how to improve your position. Ahrefs has effective tools for keyword, backlink and content research, enabling organizations to initiate campaigns or effect changes that improve their ranking and mindshare among target audiences.


BuzzSumo allows you to discover the most shared links and key influencers for any topic. It’s free to use for a certain amount of searches and you can run a search in seconds. Particularly useful for content strategy, producing data-driven sales enablement, and finding backlink opportunities.


Searchmetrics get side-by-side comparative analyses of historic data that lets you take decisive steps to keep your brand ahead of the curve. Check how your brand fares in different locations. Glean actionable insight from big shifts in the online performance of websites you are tracking.


Use SimilarWeb to scout the Internet for potential partners by probing industry players and key competitors. Qualify prospects based on their market footprint and align your pitch with their online strategy.


This search analytics tool scrapes the web to provide search volume statistics and calculate how much your competitors are likely spending on search advertising. You can also use the service’s ability to map historical spend to make forecasts on how big a budget you should allocate for your next campaign.


If you’re trying to build a sales kit, these tools need your immediate attention. However, this goes without saying that there are so many tools out there that were not mentioned in this list. This list is the one we put together based on our sales team’s knowledge and recommendations.

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