Top 5 Winning Outbound Sales Techniques

Working in sales is hard, and not everyone feels comfortable in this line of work. Even if you think you have a knack for it, you might end up feeling miserable on some days, especially if you work with outbound sales.

Luckily, we live in 2018, when sales are elevated almost to the level of science. Various high-tech tools are now available to sales reps, and they sure use them. Also, there are many resources online and offline on science-backed sales techniques that help to win more deals. In this article, we’ll go through the top five of them:

  1. Develop a Process
  2. Follow up
  3. Use Social Media
  4. Educate
  5. Track Your Performance

Bear in mind that these techniques are related to outbound. Although sales leads may come from different sources and might have previously demonstrated demand for your product by engaging with your brand’s content or by filling out a form, a much more common practice is to contact people who have hardly ever heard of your product.

What is Outbound Sales?

The definition of outbound sales refers to the sales process where sales executives make calls or send emails to prospects. In other words, you’re selling in the “outbound” way when you’re the one making the first contact with a potential client.

The top 5 Outbound Sales Techniques

Develop a Process

1. Develop a Process

To turn your outbound sales efforts into a predictable and scalable growth mechanism, you need to develop a sales process. You won’t be able to do that without having an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) description. We’ve written quite a lot on how to develop your own ICP. You can read more here and here.

Companies that fit your ICP are those who you think will benefit from your product or service. So, once you found these companies, it’s time to start looking for the right people to contact in each of them.

One of the most effective ways is to search by specific keywords. For example, if you’re selling social media automation software, look for people who have the “social media” keyword in their job title or job description.

The next step is to reach out to the selected decision makers with a relevant and personalized offer. It’s essential to build an outreach plan and define a workflow that outlines what you should cover every time you’re contacting your prospects.

Follow up

2. Follow up

In the B2B market, the sales cycle is usually quite long and closing a deal often involves extensive communication. That’s why following up with potential clients is key.

The first email rarely get a response, as emails easily get buried in the prospect’s inbox. So, you just have to follow up. Keep in mind that the best follow-up strategy is to add some additional value to your second, third or even fourth email. Using a CRM tool is also necessary so that all sales team members would know a lead’s status.
You can also check out our article on how to write better emails to learn how to engage with prospects more effectively.

Use Social Media

3. Use Social Media

Nowadays, smart sales reps often reach out via social media first in order to establish a connection.

The most popular platforms are Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, but even Snapchat or Instagram can be useful in some cases. Basically, the rule of thumb is to be on those platforms where your target audience is hanging out. Although when it comes to business inquiries, Linkedin is the best information source.

This social network was built with business professionals in mind, and most of them keep their profiles public, so you and your sales team can easily use their information to tailor outreach emails.

Cold calls and cold emails become “warmer” if you use social media to get to know your prospects before reaching out to them. However, as a sales executive, you should also be using social media to demonstrate your own expertise. After all, if you’re looking people up, chances are they are doing the same with you.


4. Educate

Unlike with inbound sales, where sales reps simply sit and wait for prospects to inquire about their product, outbound selling is more aggressive. Usually, your prospects don’t know your product and have hardly ever heard of your brand. That’s why outbound is closely related to educating clients on how your product or service fits their needs.

However, it’s worth to remember that people don’t like to be pushed into a sale. They want to be educated into it.

Sales reps usually have only a couple of lines in an email or a few seconds during the call to explain what their product does. For this reason, they work by using short and engaging scripts that help to provide just enough information to generate interest. Also, having a script helps you sound more confident.

track performance

5. Track Your Performance

In order to measure the success of your outbound sales strategy, you need first to understand the end goal of your outbound sales campaign. Based on this goal, you can track key metrics such as email click rate, leads to opportunities ratio or opportunities to win ratio.

Whether you’re calling, sending emails or reaching out via social media, tracking your performance is a must. Information on how many of your messages were received, opened, and read provides a strong foundation for tailoring your follow-ups.

Bonus Tip: Make Sure you Have Enough Leads

Outbound sales rely heavily on having enough prospects to contact. As a result, sales teams employ various lead generation methods including using business data platforms such as Oxyleads.

Business data platforms are especially useful when you need to acquire a lot of leads in the shortest possible time. Also, they give a considerable insight into potential leads.

Wrapping Up

One mistake that many outbound sales professionals make is focusing on closing deals instead of building relationships. Of course, you might have a sales quota to hit, but it’s impossible to get a sale out of every single prospect. Building a relationship with your ICP companies can bring a lot of value in the future. So, you have to treat all your potential customers with respect and try to meet their needs.

One more thing: although we dedicated this article to outbound sales, we also want to stress that both inbound and outbound sales are crucial to every business. Both methods should be used at the same time if you want to achieve maximum revenue. If you’re going to give outbound sales a try, don’t forget to try out Oxyleads as well. It’s free to start, and you can find plenty of leads in just a couple of minutes.

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