Time to Face Your Fears

Time to Face Your Fears

It’s that time of the year – rainy, cold, and it gets dark a lot faster… unless you live in Australia. But they have spiders there so they practically celebrate Halloween all year round.

Spiders can be creepy, but you know what can be really scary? Not having enough leads, struggling to find emails that do not bounce back, and never getting that reply from that one customer you keep on following-up…

This is why we at Oxyleads thought, hey, let’s fight these fears together! Let’s not trick but treat those leads and with a whole 20% off of our Prospector tool, cold emails might become a lot warmer. And you can use this promo code on both Professional and Premium plans!

Use our promo code HallOXYween to get your discount and fight those fears till 5th of November, 12:59 pm (GMT-4)!*

*The promo is valid for the first month of your subscription.

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