How to Multiply Your Clients Using Business Data Platforms

Whether you’re running a small business or trying to hit your sales quota in a big corporation, optimizing your lead flow and filling your pipeline with high-quality leads is a challenge. As Aaron Ross, the author of the award-winning bestseller “Predictable Revenue,” teaches us, “without predictable ways to fill your pipeline, you’re going to struggle.”

One of the best ways to keep your pipeline full at all times is to use business data platforms, such as Oxyleads. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to generate leads and multiply your current clients using publicly available B2B data.

Nailing Your Niche

what is the key factor leading to business growth? As Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin explain in their book “From Impossible To Inevitable,” – it is nailing your niche.

Nailing a niche means that you’re focused on a particular group of target clients who have a specific pain. According to Aaron Ross, it’s better to pick a focused market that’s “too small,” but where you can find and win deals than to stick to defining your target market so broadly that you get lost in it.

Moreover, Aaron Ross claims that one of the indicators that you’ve nailed your niche is that you’re consistently able to find and sign up unaffiliated clients. Business data platforms, such as OxyLeads, can become one of the most important source for finding these types of clients.


Developing your Ideal Customer Profile

If you want to predict future success, try to figure out where you’ve been most successful in the past. In other words, develop an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

Looking closer at your best clients is actually the first step of creating your ICP, so, list up to ten of your top clients and figure out what they have in common. Ideal Customer Profiles describe the firmographic, environmental and behavioral attributes of the prospects expected to become your company’s most valuable clients.

By creating your ICP, you’ll end up with a handy list of characteristics that will help you generate leads and multiply your current clients.

To learn more about ICPs and to get a free ICP question list, check our previous blog post “How to Use the Ideal Customer Profile to Find New Clients.”

Multiplying Clients With a B2B Data Platform

Just one paying client or an ICP description is enough to start using a business data platform.

First, take the specific data points from your ICP description and set them as filters in the B2B data platform that you’re using. Alternatively, you can use information about your top clients, as long as you pay attention to data points such as country, industry, number of employees, annual revenue, etc.

Let’s take an example.

Imagine, that you’re interested in real estate companies that operate in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany. From your previous experience and by developing your ICP, you’ve discovered that companies that fit your ICP must have a yearly revenue of 5M dollars or more. So, the data points that should be set as filters in the business data platform will look like this:

Company X
Industry: Real Estate
Country: USA, UK, France, Germany
Revenue: More than 5M
Funding received: any


By running a search in the Oxyleads business data platform, we get more than 8500 companies a.k.a. leads. These leads are highly targeted and can be easily moved through your sales pipeline. Depending on your lead qualification process, you might need to work on these leads a bit more, but the most time-consuming part of the lead generation – finding companies that fit your ICP – is done.

Finding the Right People

So, you’ve taken the first step towards multiplying your clients with the help of the business data platform and got the list of companies. Now, your next step is to identify decision makers and get their contacts.

If you have your ICP in place, this process will be pretty easy. Simply add one or two search criteria:

Company X
Industry: Real Estate
Country: USA, UK, France, Germany
Revenue: More than 5M
Funding received: any
Decision maker: Head of Operations, Director of Operations, Chief Operating Officer


By putting only one additional filter – person position title – we are able to narrow down our search and get the list of more than 1100 decision makers in companies that perfectly fit our ICP.

In the Oxyleads business data platform, you can generate email addresses of the decision makers. Sales reps use different kinds of outbound techniques to get in touch with the right people, and, to get an idea where to start, check the five tactics to reach a decision maker that worked for us.

Starting Your Outreach

To successfully multiply your clients and win more deals, you have to do a proper outreach. This includes:

  1. Researching your potential client.
  2. Delivering valuable content that speaks to your decision maker’s interests, industry, or business needs.
  3. Avoiding spam emails.

Use social networks, the internet or our business data platform to learn as much as possible about your potential clients. This will help you personalize your offers and show your prospect that you’ve put work into understanding his or her needs.

To deliver valuable content and make your emails stand out, follow the best copywriting tips and learn about the most common sales objections.

To avoid using mailing tactics that send your messages to the spam folder, follow these 15 universal rules.


By using your ICP description or what you’ve learned about your current clients, you can focus on the particular group of companies that have a specific pain that your product or service can solve. Knowing certain characteristics that describe your potential clients, you can use the business data platform, get enough new leads to keep your sales pipeline full week after week and successfully grow your business.

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