Boost your sales productivity with Email Campaigns

Use your existing or prospected emails to create and schedule email campaigns

Schedule Your Emails

Planning to send your emails the next day, or perhaps, the next week? Don’t worry – with Email Campaigns, you’ll be able to schedule your emails, allowing you to send them at the right time with no extra planning.

Create Multiple Email Stages

Create up to five scheduled email stages and set their further actions based on email recipients’ responses.

Track Your Campaigns

You can track your emails and see how they perform – see their open rates, click rates and other comprehensive statistics on key performance metrics.

No Limits

With Oxyleads Email Campaigns there are no limits to your email sending. So create and send as much email campaigns as your heart desires!

Oxyleads Prospector
Built for teams

Built for teams

With multiple user accounts, your team can speed up the time it takes to find new business leads
Fit for headhunting and recruiting

Fit for headhunting and recruiting

Use Oxyleads to source potential candidates and find their email addresses
CSV Upload and export

CSV Upload and export

A nifty little feature that makes your daily job of finding new leads easier.
Unlimited number of lists

Unlimited number of lists

Make your lead generation campaigns more efficient by building customized lead lists.

Boost your sales productivity

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