OxyLeads FAQ

1. Getting Started


1.1. What is OxyLeads Prospector?
OxyLeads Prospector is a lead generation tool that helps you to identify potential clients, get their email addresses or gather website data about your competitors.

1.2. Why choose OxyLeads Prospector?
With OxyLeads Prospector, lead generation is faster. You can find the right B2B business leads or data about your competitors in seconds.
OxyLeads Prospector allows you to search and filter millions of new business opportunities, find potential customers and generate their business contacts. Start generating high-quality leads with 50 free credits every month.

1.3. How do I start using OxyLeads Prospector?
To sign up, go to https://prospector.oxyleads.com and create an account. You can use your Google account or fill in the registration form. Once you in, start searching for the right leads.  

1.4. Does OxyLeads Prospector offer a free trial?
After signing up, you’ll get 50 free credits every month. Use them to identify potential clients and to generate their email addresses.

1.5. How can I see a live demo?
Please get in touch with our sales team via [email protected].

2. My Account


2.1. How do I log in?
Go to https://prospector.oxyleads.com and log in with your email address and password or continue with your Google account.

2.2. How do I reset my password?
If you’re signed in, click on your email address in the top menu:


You will be asked to enter your current password, new password, and then repeat your new password.


Click on “Save Changes”. Your password is now updated.

2.3. How do I cancel or pause my account?
There’s no need to cancel or pause your account because you are using your credits only when generating email addresses.

3. Using Free Credits


3.1. What is a credit? How can I use it?
1 credit = 1 email address. A credit is used when an email address is successfully generated.

3.2. What can I do with my 50 free credits?
You can generate 50 email addresses every month.

4. Pricing


4.1. How much does OxyLeads Prospector cost?

Please contact us for detail information and pricing.

Get in touch

5. Data Sources


5.1. Where does OxyLeads Prospector get its data?
OxyLeads Prospector gathers data from more than 35 different sources. They include business information platforms, websites for web traffic data and analytics, jobs and recruiting sites, social networks, and more. Using AI and machine learning, we extract publicly available contact and company information, and constantly validate, check and update it.

5.2. How accurate is OxyLeads Prospector data?
Our raw data quality is on par with the data of the largest professional social networks. Our actively developed data enrichment algorithms increase the quality of data even further, and it is safe to say that our data quality is as good as it gets.

5.3. Why are some leads missing contacts?
It depends. Sometimes companies have strict contact policy, and all emails are delivered to a single inbox. From time to time administrators of company’s email service make misconfigurations, or sometimes the person is no longer with the company, but publicly available data is not updated yet.

6. Using Search


6.1. What are search filters?
Currently, the initial search filters in OxyLeads Prospector are:

  • Organization industry
  • Organization country
  • Organization description
  • Person position title
  • Organization name
  • Organization website.

The advanced search filters are:

  • Person industry
  • Person skill
  • Person country
  • Person description
  • Person position description
  • Organization technology
  • Organization size
  • Organization revenue
  • Organization funding received
  • Organization type
  • Website global ranking
  • Website ranking country
  • Website keyword

6.2. How do I save my search?
Simply click on “Save search” on the search results page.

6.3. How can I update or change a saved search?
Click on “Saved Searches” in the top menu. Choose a saved search and click on “Go to search.”


Update filters or make other changes and then click on “Save Search” to update your saved search.

Choose “Save as new Search” if you want to save your changes as a new saved search.


6.4. How do I delete a saved search?
Click on “Saved Searches” in the top menu. Choose a saved search and click on “Delete Search.”

6.5. How can I view or edit filters in a saved search?
To view filters in a saved search:

  1. Click on “Saved Searches” in the top menu. Choose a saved search and click on “Selected filters.” In the drop down list, you’ll see filters that you’ve selected.
  2. Click on “Saved Searches” in the top menu. Choose a saved search and click on “Go to search.” You’ll see filters in the left sidebar. You can edit your filters here.

6.6 Can I control the number of results that OxyLeads Prospector returns?
In the search results, you see the full list of the positions that were found based on your filters. You can’t control the number of results. However, you can select particular leads by creating a list and adding them to it.

7. Creating Lists


7.1. How do I create a list?
On the search results page click on “Create new list,” enter a name for the list and click “Save.”

7.2. How do I add contacts to a list?
On the search results page, mark the check boxes next to the positions that you are willing to add to a list. Then, click on “Add to list.”


Or you can add positions to your list one by one by clicking on the blue “+” sign:


7.3. How do I add a contact to a list when I have several lists saved?
First, select a list:


Then, mark the checkboxes next to the positions and click “Add to list” (or just click on the blue “+” sign).

7.4. How do I delete a list?
Go to “My Lists”, choose the list, and click on “Delete List”.


8. Generating Contacts


8.1. How do I generate contacts?
There are two options:

  1. Click on the blue envelope icon in the search results page and generate an email for the position.

2. Add several positions to a list, go to that list, mark as many positions as you want (or all of them) and click on “Generate contacts.”


The contacts will start generating. You will be informed by email as soon as the generation is completed.


8.2. How long does it take to generate email addresses?
It depends on the size and content of your list (and a bit on the current weather conditions in our cloud). We will notify you via email when your emails are ready. It can take as short as a minute or, in some rare cases, as long as a few hours.

8.3. What is the difference between green and yellow emails?
In OxyLeads Prospector, you can get two types of contacts: green and yellow. Both types are of high quality, but yellow email addresses have a bit higher chance of bouncing. If you’re willing to accept this small risk, use yellow emails. If you want to reduce the risk of bounces, choose only green contacts.

8.4. Does OxyLeads Prospector return phone numbers?
No, only email addresses are currently available. We are working hard to make phone numbers available too.

8.5. Can I use a person’s name and company domain to find an email?
Yes, you can do that by using Mailgen. It is a free email checker that helps find the email address of anyone based on their first name, last name and company website.

8.6. Do you guarantee that emails you give me won’t bounce?
100% accurate lead lists don’t exist, and it’s completely normal to get some bounces. People are hired and fired; new positions are created; companies are acquired, etc. These kinds of changes are happening all the time. At OxyLeads, we are constantly validating contact and company information, but some discrepancies may occur.

8.7. Is this legal?
We search publicly available data from more than 35 different sources. So, yes, using our lead generation tool is legal.

9. OxyLeads Prospector Extension


9.1. Is the Chrome extension free to use?
Yes, it’s absolutely free to use.

9.2. How to find contact info with OxyLeads Prospector extension?
While browsing the website of your potential customer or competitor, simply click on the OxyLeads Prospector icon in your browser. The pop-up with the contact data of your prospect’s staff will appear on the top-right side of your screen.

9.3. Is this extension available on browsers other than Chrome?
Right now the OxyLeads Prospector extension is available only in Chrome.