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Your business needs our data. By using Oxyleads, you can easily find information about companies and people. Sort and filter business data using our tools, such as Prospector, or contact us for a custom data sample.

Fuel your pipeline

Keep moving high-quality leads through your sales funnel with Oxyleads data. By choosing our solution, you and your team get unlimited access to 330+ million decision makers in 8+ million companies. Use this data to find your next big client.

Oxyleads saves time that is usually dedicated to collecting info about potential clients. Your team can simply filter new opportunities by industry, location, number of employees, revenue, size, industry or other data points and always keep their pipeline full.

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Improve your outbound

Sell more by spending less time building outbound lists. With Oxyleads, it takes up to 3 minutes to create a list that has the most up-to-date contact info and is ready to be sent.

Try our solutions and increase your team’s efficiency with smart list building. With Oxyleads, it’s much easier to convert prospects into paying clients.

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Data with a single click

Oxyleads takes care of the most time-consuming tasks such as finding new leads, building lists and generating emails so that your team could focus more on building relationships with potential clients.

Oxyleads tools are made in a way that the high-quality data is easily accessible without disrupting your usual workflow. For example, with the Oxyleads extension, you can see data from various websites that you are browsing on a daily basis and gather all information that you need in a single click.

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Skip the busywork

Don’t waste your money and time trying to identify the key person in a prospect’s company. Trust Oxyleads with this task and enjoy time-efficient lead generation. If your sales reps have a particular business in mind, they can use the Oxyleads extension. To discover new opportunities and get more information about decision makers in companies, try Oxyleads Prospector.

Skip the busywork of trying to find the right people, move straight to the next step and get in touch with the decision makers of 8+ million companies.

Recommended: Oxyleads extension

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What our clients say

“I’ve used Oxyleads as an additional tool to fill my team’s pipeline. The quality of data was sufficient and the overall service was great”.

Adam L.

Director of Sales

“As an SDR, I’m constantly looking for new sales leads. Oxyleads is a great source for business contacts. I’ve tried it once and keep using it since”.

Sandra D.

Sales Development Representative

“I’ve been looking for a tool that would fit into my current workflow. The Oxyleads extension was easy to use, it complemented other tools that I’m using and, in general, brought a lot of value. I recommend using it for sales prospecting, lead nurturing and outbound”.

Joe W.

Growth Hacker

Lead generation tips and insights

Finding potential customers with a lead generation solution is easy, fast and efficient. However, for some users, not all searches seem to be successful, and the number of generated leads feels flat. The reason behind this has a lot to do with a variety of names the same job position has. In this blog post, we’ll show you how to use the “Position Title” search wisely and get better search results that lead to more closed deals.

“Are lead lists worth the money?” This question worries many sales and marketing professionals when they consider using a lead generation solution. One of the easiest ways to check the real value of a sales lead is to calculate the cost per one lead and compare it with the cost of the leads generated from other marketing channels. In this blog post, you will learn how to calculate the Cost Per Lead (CPL) and what the benchmarks of the average CPL by channel are.

What is a sales lead? What is the difference between a sales lead and a prospect? Don’t waste your time checking different sources and definitions. We did it for you. This blog post is the only and the last piece of content that you’ll ever have to read.

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