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Your business needs our data. By using Oxyleads, you can easily find information about companies and people. Sort and filter business data using our tools, such as Prospector, or contact us for a custom data sample.

Solve every sales rep’s top challenge

63% of people working in sales face the same challenge every day – finding enough new clients. Oxyleads solves this problem by providing business data and tools to generate high-quality leads.

Use our solution to build lead lists and to generate email addresses. Then, import them into your mailing platform and send more efficient outbound emails.

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Bounce rates that make you happy

With Oxyleads, you can control the expected bounce rate. While generating leads, you get two types of contacts: green and yellow. Both are of high quality, but yellow email addresses have a bit higher chance of bouncing and if you want to reduce the risk of bounces completely, choose only green contacts.

As you probably know, 100% accurate lead lists don’t exist, because people are hired and fired; new positions are created; companies are acquired, etc. However, you can minimize the overall bounce rate by using Oxyleads. We constantly validate the contact and company data so that you could work only with high-quality leads.

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Starting Pack

We are giving every new user 5 free credits per week. Turn your credits into email addresses and use them to get in touch with the key person in your prospect’s company.

To start growing your business with the high-quality B2B data, use free credits to generate emails, then set up an email campaign and discover new business opportunities.

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Acquire new clients

If you ever get a feeling that everyone is already using your competitors’ products, expand your search area with our data. You can explore new industries or new market verticals. With Oxyleads, you can use the know-how about your current clients to find similar companies or decision makers and get their contact info right away.

Set up filters by industry, job title, specific keywords or other criteria and find the right people in 8+ million companies.

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What our clients say

“We’ve never tried outbound before. Oxyleads data allowed us to create our very first outbound campaign, successfully send it and meet my team’s quarterly goals”.

Cody P.

Head of Sales

“We’ve been looking for a reliable data source to step up our outbound game. Oxyleads was able to provide everything we needed. Great job, guys!”

Kim C.

Marketing Manager

“After I started using the Oxyleads extension on a daily basis, my job efficiency skyrocketed. I’m spending less time collecting info about prospects. Now I can focus on building relationships with them”.

Arthur S.

Sales Representative

Outbound tips and insights

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Finding potential customers with a lead generation solution is easy, fast and efficient. However, for some users, not all searches seem to be successful, and the number of generated leads feels flat.

The success of emailing efforts is one of the top challenges that sales reps face every day. In this blog post, we will explain how to avoid spammy mailing and how to make sure that your emails reach the intended recipient.

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