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When it comes to lead generation, having the right data is key. With Oxyleads you get access to the most up-to-date information about companies and people that you can easily use while approaching your potential clients.


Full leads database search

By searching the full leads database, you can find thousands of high-quality business leads in a few simple clicks. This search option is especially useful if you’re looking for multiple leads in a particular industry, with a certain position title or skill.

Company search

Use the Company search option if you’re looking for leads in a particular company or if you’re interested in information about that company, such as the company’s size, revenue, and list of competitors. You won’t need any other sources for business data because with Oxyleads all important information is in one place.


List building

With Oxyleads, you can sift and filter through millions of data entries, search data by using various filters and build an unlimited number of customized sales lead lists. Then, export them in CSV format and use them for your successful outbound campaigns.

Email automation

The MailMerge feature is a simple way to automate your email campaigns. You can create personalized email templates, schedule your email delivery, track open, reply and bounce rates, and use this information to identify the best possible message for every step of the sales process.

35+ data sources

35+ data sources

Oxyleads data is backed by multiple sources. We regularly check and update it.
Email addresses updated 24/7

Email addresses updated 24/7

We keep contact data accurate by updating at least 10% of our database every month.
Leads in 80+ industries

Leads in 80+ industries

Target with the pinpoint accuracy and find potential clients in more than 80 different industries.
2400+ web technologies

2400+ web technologies

See web technologies used by companies and find new leads based on technology they use.
Working Data Set 3TB

Working Data Set

Countries 196


Decision Makers 330M

Decision Makers

Companies 8M


Explore Oxyleads B2B database. It’s free to start.

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