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Your business needs our data. By using Oxyleads, you can easily find information about companies and people. Sort and filter business data using our tools, such as Prospector, or contact us for a custom data sample.

Ensure business growth

Expand your business by using the Oxyleads tools that provide the most relevant data about your competitors and potential clients. Find companies that fit your ideal customer profile, approach them with a personalized offer and grow your client database.

With the free Oxyleads extension, you can see data about your prospects without leaving the page that you’re browsing. Click on the icon of the extension and see the company’s revenue, size, HQ country, industry, website technologies, and other information. Browse through the prospect’s employees, find decision makers and get their contact info right away. To see even more information, try Oxyleads Prospector.

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Track technologies

With Oxyleads, it’s easy to track technologies that companies are built with. This insight information helps your sales team to get a better understanding of the current profile of your potential clients.

With our solution, you get sophisticated tools to find high-quality leads. Discover sites that use a particular technology, identify decision makers and approach them with your offer. The search pool is huge because Oxyleads monitors 20+ million websites with over 15K technologies used.

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3TB of business data

By using Oxyleads, you’ll get access to massive business data about companies and people. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars on business intelligence – you can use our tools where most of the data is available for free.

Use the know-how about your current clients and find similar companies. Explore new industries and new market verticals. Or contact our sales team and get personal advice on how to use Oxyleads data for your business needs.

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Enrich existing leads

Add valuable information to your existing leads and CRM records with up-to-date company data. The machine learning behind the Oxyleads solution searches publicly available data from more than 35 different sources. It monitors millions of websites and holds the most precise information about their performance, customers, competitors, partners, and vendors.

The Oxyleads solution allows you to enrich your sales leads, to know your potential client and to sell like a pro.

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“Oxyleads is a great choice if you want to have a reliable source for business insights about your competitors and potential clients.”

Martin C.

Business Developer

“Oxyleads helped us to optimize our business processes and became a steady business data source.”

Amy L.


“As a small business owner, I don’t have enough budget for expensive sales intelligence solutions. Oxyleads was a real game-changer for us because we can get high-quality business data that we later use for lead generation by paying only once”.

Kevin B.


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